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My name is Bryon Black, and I like ponys and kittens. Favorite pass time is writing poems.
Something I like to watch is America's Best Dance Crews
America's Best Dance Crew Tour - Boston - 9/25/08 by Toastiness.
America's Best Dance Crew Tour - Boston - 9/25/08 by Toastiness.

I've already left a great amount of my personality on the internet. Mainly on this site, Home to the well known Kawaii's.

I love my kitten Bandit.

A sport that I like to play is football. (Wallingford Vikings!)

(Picture was taken after victory, over Canton.)

Something really I couldn't live without is family, because if they aren't there for you. Who will be?

Really after all the things that have happened to my family because of traveling to other countries. I think I'll stay in the United States.
(picture is from

If I was to learn another language, I would like to learn how to speak Russian.
Привет, как дела? (Hi, how are you?)

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