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In the winter, my life revolves around snowboarding. All the other seasons revolve around waiting and anticipating next winter. I have a dream that one day chickens alike can cross the road and no one will question their motives.

Board like an egyption


I mostly listen to All Time Lowmy favorite song by them is "Dear Maria Count Me In" and I also listen to the oldies.

I'm a pasta person. Nothing much confusing about that.

mmmm looks good to me
mmmm looks good to me
[2] I want to be where I am and I believe that where you are is where you're supposed to be.

the power of one Chuck norris round house kick can light australia for 44 minutes
The power of one Chuck Norris round house kick can light Australia for 44 minutes.

I would like to be known for being awesome, like the Chuck Norris of my time. My favorite Chuck Norris fact is that Chuck Norris eats beef jerky, poops out gunpowder, makes a bullet, kills a cow, and makes more beef jerky. (aka the circle of life)

If I had to choose something I couldn't live without - it would be snow because with no snow there is no snowboarding.

If I was going to change something it would be that ping pong is an olympic sport but lax isn't.

Best sport of all time
Best sport of all time
[4] I am known for being very smart when it comes to cars and aircraft.
'23 ford t-bucket (the car im building with my dad right now
'23 ford t-bucket (the car i'm building with my dad right now)
This is an AC-130 the plane I hope to fly when I graduate the Air Force Academy
This is an AC-130 which is the plane I hope to fly when I graduate the Air Force Academy.
"Heaven's not a place that you go when you die, it's that moment in life when you actually feel alive"

I would like to know more about my ancestors. My mom says i'm part Mohegan Indian.
random indian
random indian
qoutes: the tide by spill canvas