Something that you do-i play

Mn  Gopher Volleyballs by Manoosh26.
Mn Gopher Volleyballs by Manoosh26.
Something that you believe that everyone is equal!!beach.jpg
Something that you listen to- i love listen to MUSIC any kind i love!!
Something that you like to eat-i like to eat salad because it taste GOOD
Some place you want to be- i would like to be on a trip with my family probaly florida i have been goin there since I was five. something you would like to be known for being better then my sis =) --->which i probaly already am!!
something that you could not live without technology deffintly my cellphone without technology i wouldnt be able to connect with people.
Something you would change would be to not as shy i am very quiet an i hope i could start to really talk more.
Something you are known for being quiet. i really dont talk that much i only really talk to people that im very close to i have always been that way.
Something you want to know more about what the world will be like from 10 years from. I think it would be very interesting to learn what will happen how our world will turn out new invetions that will be made!!
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