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I play... music on my ipod because it lets me escape and helps me get things done, also just because i like listening to music.

I believe... that we shouldn't have a dress code because we should be able to wear what we want and because now all the girls have a bunch of clothes that they can't wear to school. Also just because nobody likes it.

I listen to...lots of different genres, my favorite Bands are My Chemical Romance, A Rocket to the Moon, Go Radio, Mayday Parade, Runner Runner and The MaineMyChemicalRomance-1.jpega-rocket-to-the-moon-band-group-pic-300x224.jpeg

I love to eat... ice cream because its really good on a hot summer day, i love Ben & Jerry's my favorite flavors are peanut butter cup, chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie batter.

I want to be at... Paris because I love all the buildings and architecture there. I also like all the historic and famous sites, like the Eiffel Tower!

Taken by: me

taken by: me

I want to be known for... being me because you shouldn't have to be someone that your not just to fit in and because I don't want to be remembered for someone I'm not. I also think that the only person you should have to be is yourself.

I could not do with out... my friends and family because they are always there for me and we always have fun. I also couldn't do without my cell phone because I always need it to talk to people and in case of any emergencies.

I would change... that I don't study for most tests and quizzes because I used to be able to just get by with A's or B's by doing that but, its not that easy anymore and my grades will start going down if I don't start studying.

I am known for... my red hair because everyone always comments on it even just strangers in the store. A lot of people ask if its my natural color and where it came from because the gene has to come from both sides of the family so one of my grandmothers had it and my great uncle had it.

I want to know more about... other countries and their culture because they live so differently than us and its really interesting to learn about their lives, especially the poor countries like in africa where a lot of people are living under the poverty level. I would also like to know more ways that we can help them.