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Something that I do is that I play softball because it works my hand I cordination.
Something that I believe in is that you can be anything you want to be because every can do anything if you put your mind to it.
Something that I listen to is pop because it is something that you can dance to.
Something that like to eat is lasangna because my mom makes the best with her home made sause.
Some place that I want to be is Italy because that is my heritage and it has been my dream place to go to for my whole life.
Something that I want to be is a dancer because that is my favorite sport.
Something that I cannot do without is my tap shoes because that is my favorite.
Something that I would change is that there wouldn't be so much violence in the world because many people are dieing from.
Something that I am known for is my athlectic ability because I play so many sports.
Something that I want to know about is about the other galaxies in the universe because I want to see if there are other life forms.

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[5] the earth belongs to me
the earh belongs to you
we all have to help make it clean
for the sake of me and you My Blog

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