all my work carinasg11i love music..- (all type)"
i belive.. - theres a reson why people these days changed . and why worry to much people these's days have to grow up and for give and for get . lifes goes on (:
think.. - some day i would be a person in life that is worth some thing ;)


i care..- about my school,my family,my friends, i care about my self .

i like to eat..- candy so much because it makes me feel very happy when im on a down side (:

i know..that school might be hard at this time but . we realy got to lurn . because most people say that we have to get ready for the (REAL WORLD) but if u realy think about it. we go to school to lurn a lil so we can know at lest some thing in life.. ^-^

i would like.. to be a lil girl agin because i think life was more easy. when i was lil, i realy did not have to work out a lot. i just stayed home and read a book or play with my dolls or go to sleep (:

i wish.. i would go back to texas,(houston). because,when i went over there i lurned so much . and it helpt me to grow up. i meet new friends and new teachers and i meet new family i did not even know , if there was one time some one would of told me if i wanted a wish, i would say that as my wish. i realy love houston and i would realy want to go back and live there 4 a time.<3 :)

i dream, to have luagh,love,careing. in my life (: