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I do a variety of sports each season because they keep me in shape and I'm good at them.

I believe God brings out the good in people.

I listen to all kinds of music on my ipod.

I like to eat hotdogs because i love the taste of them.

I wish I could be at the next Super Bowl since football's my favorite sport.

I want to be remembered for everything because anything that i did important or to a significance i want to be remembered for it.

I can't do without family and friends because they help me with things.

I would change what happened WW1/WW2 because lots of terrible things happened in these wars.

I am known for being a good athlete and a good sportsman.

I would want to know everything because that would mean i am really smart. dallas-cowboys.png Michael_Jordan,_NBA,_Basketball.jpg HALL OF FAMER 748px-band_of_brothers2c_101st_in_iraq9794600_std.jpg external image photo_stadium.jpg external image hotdog.jpg

By: Carl Thurston
The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game is about a well-known hunter named Sanger Rainsford who was sailing on a yacht when he heard 3 gun shots of a .22 caliber pistol. When he heard these gun shots he was smoking a pipe on the deck of the yacht and it scared him so much the pipe flew out of his hands. He tried to catch it when he realized he leaned too far out and fell overboard into the water. He had thought to himself that he had been in worse situations than that before so he didn’t get too nervous about it. Instead of being that way, he was calm and cool. He just swam towards the gunshots which meant land. After swimming quite a way, he reached Ship Trap Island and found a mansion by following a man’s footprints. Upon arriving he knocked on the door and was met by General Zaroff and a giant man named Ivan.

One of the conflicts of man in this story is when Rainsford was in the wilderness and set up lots of deadly traps to protect himself from General Zaroff, Ivan, and his menacing dogs. Rainsford and General Zaroff battled all throughout the story and dealt with tough and difficult times for the both of them, but in the end Rainsford won the battle mentally and physically.

Rainsford had to adapt to the wild and live in the wild for three days to survive and defeat General Zaroff in the hunt. Rainsford survived in the wild for those three days and was one with nature. He was quiet as a cat and swiftly moved around without leaving a noticeable trail. Also, he ate, drank, and slept in the wild in order to get out of there and survive.

Rainsford had to make lots of decisions while he was out on the hunt. He had to decide what to do in certain situiations like when General Zaroff was at the bottom of the tree Rainsford was hiding in. Rainsford had to decide what to do, stay hidden (even though the General knew he was there) or pounce on him like a panther, which would probably get him killed because the General had his .22 in his holster/hand at all times.

When everything was supposedly over for General Zaroff and he retired to his room for the evening, standing there was Rainsford behind the curtains. The General was very frightened and surprised that he was there. The reason Rainsford was there was because it wasn’t over for him since he was still on the hunt. Right then, General Zaroff took out a sword and yelled “On guard!” They both agreed that whoever lost would be a meal for the dogs, and whoever won got to sleep in the wonderful bed. Rainsford thought that he had never had a better sleep.

For this project I had to figure out a couple of patterns in the videos we watched that our classmates made. A pattern is something that occurs more than a couple of times and they all have to do with the same things. It was not very hard to come up with patterns in the videos, but since there were so many I had to choose a select few.

What I noticed about patterns occuring in the 19th century is that everyone said that their heroes were brave and alot of them fought for rights and freedom. First, let me tell you about the heroes who were brave and why I think they were brave. I think Helen Keller, Ulysses S. Grant, and Clara Barton showed much bravery. Helen Keller was brave because she didn't give up on life or learning even though she became blind and deaf at a young age due to illness.She is still an inspiration today to people both with and with and without disabilities. Ulysses S. Grant showed his bravery by leading the Civil War which helped stop slavery. Clara Barton was an extremely brave nurse who helped soldiers right on the front line of the war.

Now let me tell you about the heroes who fought for rights and freedom. The people who stand out in my mind who fought for rights and freedom are Abraham Lincoln, Johnny Clem, and Susan B. Anthony. Abraham Lincoln was all for freeing slaves. Johnny Clem fought for freedom in the war even though he was only 9 years old! If not for Susan B. Anthony fighting so hard for women's rights, women may not have had the right to vote like they do today.

I hope you will agree with my proof that the 19th century was full of people who made our country what it is today by being brave and fighting for our rights and freedom that we all have now in the 21st century.