All my work Carlyfr11I play hockey for the Wallingford Lady Hawks! When I was six, my dad got me into a learn to skate program with the Hawks. When I got better at skating, I started playing hockey. First I was a left wing and then my dad told me how he was a goalie when he played hockey. So I tried it out and I never went back to my other position because I loved playing it too much.

I believe in ghosts! When I was little I saw my first ghost in the hallway of my house. Now that I am older I wanted to see if what I saw was real. Now every Wednesday I watch a show called Ghost Hunters on Syfy. The team in the show, TAPS, investigates haunted places and confirms whether places are haunted or not. What they have caught is amazing! My mom's friend does ghost hunting all the time with a team called the Nutmeg State Paranormal Society. I might be able to go on an investigation with them!

I listen to pop music! Whenever I have a party there HAS to be music! My favorite song on the radio right now is Misery by Maroon 5. I also like Eminem, he has been through so much to get to where he is now. He has so many good songs that I love!
I love to eat pizza! Almost every week my family has pizza. I always have my favorite topping bacon! Even at my parties I have pizza! Its really easy to just call up and get some pizza for your party!4467510755_ed41f47839.jpg
I want to be at Wildwood, New Jeresy! I went on the last week in July and I had a great time! All the shops where great, we bought so many things! The beach was HUGE, and the sand was so soft! I cant wait to go back next year!4739832523_6a6bda7ec8.jpg could not do without my droid <33! I can go on Youtube, Facebook, Google, and download anything i need! It's always a great refrence if you need to know something fast. I also love when I get a txt message and it goes "DROID"!
I want to be known for succeeding in something great. In fifth grade my classmates voted me most likely to succeed. I would like to live up to that expectation and prove that I can do something extraordinary. Hopefully you will see my name in lights or on the cover of Time magazine!
I would change my hair! I hate my hair when its curly. Its always knotted and then it looks horrible. It takes so long to get it the way I want it. My dream hair would be having straight hair.
I am known for being loud and funny with my friends. I always try to make them laugh! They say I'm the funniest person in our group and I always make them laugh. I'm usually the loudest person when we are out and they all say that I should quiet down (but I never do ;D).
I want to know more about extraterrestrial life! I would love to know if aliens are real, what they look like, and their similarities and differences to us. I would also like to know how they travel. If its space ships or if its something like cars. I would like to know if they speak a different language or something similar.3751978929_35c4930eed.jpg