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I play soccer for my town. I like soccer because even if you are a completley uncordinated no one really cares. As long as you can get the ball anywhere near the other team's goal you can play. I also like soccer because I'm extremley competitive and soccer is somwhere where you can release that tension and anger. An example is when I was mad i body slammed a girl into the ground. Also you get really cool friends in soccer. Like two of my friends Emma and Cookie who are the two craziest and funniest people I know, and I never would have met them if not for soccer.soccer_all_the_way.jpg
I believe that BP oil spill is horrible and BP is very stupid. The oil spill is killing so many animals and BP is only caring how much money they have. The oil spill is putting a lot of people out of work and BP is barely hiring anyone to help with the cleanup, which they promised to do. Also what's really stupid is BP's CEO was seen yacht racing instesd of helping the clean up efforts. So BP just because the oil spill is over with if you stopped thinking about money the oil spill would be over a lot earlier.
I listen to music by The Black Eyed Peas. I like them because there music makes you want to get up and dance. Also as people they're really nice and not shallow like other celebrities. Also there music is barely ever dirty, which is hard to find with artists today.
Black_eyed_peas.jpg I love to eat anything that is Hershey's Chocolate. I like Hershey's Chocolate because it either gives you a lot of energy or it calms you down. Also Hershey's Chocolate is always good because noone put's anything but chocolate to thier chocolate. Also you can apoligize to anyone and they'll accept as long as you have chocolate.4012845202_20f56e67b9.jpg I want to be known for being myself. I don't really need a title like that lawyer or that chef. Also I don't know what I'll be good at when I get older. I haven't ever met a person with a title. All I would know them by are their names, so I really don't know what I'll be known for( except for being the girl that went to Europe) I want to be at Six Flags. Six Flags is the most amazing place from the waterpark to the amazing rides. Six Flags is a place of pure energy that you can't get bored. Also you have never known true fear and hysteria until you've gone on Six Flags' big rides. So I would rather be at Six Flags than anywhere else.
I could not do without You Tube. You Tube is the only place where you can watch the coolest videos. You can watch previews for movies that aren't even previews in movies. Also You Tube has the funniest comedians like Jeff Dunham, Gim Gaffigan, Adam Ferarra, and Brian Regan(down here's a video Brian Regan made).

I would change the way people look at smoking. A couple decades ago nobody knew the dangers of smoking and my Naunie started. Right now she is up in Boston recovering from a surgery because she has cancer which came from smoking. Smoking causes cancer heart disiese and many other illnesses that people didn't know about a couple decades ago. If I could go back to the time smoking was popular I would change the way the people in that time looked at smoking, and I bet a lot more people would be alive today.
I am known for my amazing juggling skills(with a soccer ball). I am the only one on my soccer team to get more than 20 juggles. My record for juggling is 1,698 which I think is better than anyone in town. Also a couple of my friends call me juggler, which I find very annoying.

I want to know more about culture and history of other countries. I have never left New England, and I have only heard of these places in books. I want to learn in my own way with no teacher about the world around me, and I've promised myself I would do just that one day.