All my work carolyngr11

I play the clarinet in band. My dad is a music teacher so he got me into it. Ive liked the sound of the clarinet since 2nd grade. And when I was little, I really wanted be up on stage with music in front of me. I thought it was... cool? I guess.
I believe I can (will be able to) fly. Eventually there will be an invention that will allow people to fly. Its bound to happen with all the crazy technology thats being invented these days. I would be able to fly to and from school instead of walking!

I listen to kc101 on the radio and my ipod. My favorite female artist is Taylor Swift and my favorite rapper is Eminem. The make music about life and I like it alot.

I love to eat pasta! I like anything italian, my mom makes really good red sauce and I like to help her make it.

I want to be on the beach. I want it to still be summer, to be with my friends and swimming instead of being in school.

I want to be known for being a good person/friend. I dont want everyone to think of me as a bad person who no one likes. I guess I already am a good person, but I dont want any one to have a reason to dislike me.

I could not do without friends. I couldnt imagine being without a single friend. You have no one to hang out with during your free time and no one to really talk to when you need it.

I would change my mom and dad splitting up. I dont like being without my dad, and then having to drive 30 minutes (He lives in East Haven.. On the beach!) to get to his house. Its alot easier having 2 parents than one with 4 kids in the house. But it is what it is.

I am known for being really tall. Im 5'11". Alot of people assume I play basketball, but I dont. My dad is 6'2" and my mom is 5'10".

I want to know more about World War 2 because I like the history of what happened in Germany. Not that I thought all the Jewish people deserved it, but I think that it's interesting that so many things can change within then and now. A country would never get away with doing what they did then, now.