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I play volleyball and softball. I like both because they keep me fit, they are a ton of fun, and i get to be with a bunch of my friends during them
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I believe that everyone should be treated equal. Wether they are smart or not so smart i think we she be taught the same, and if we dont get something have extra help after or before school. I think being treated equally would make everyone happier.

I listen to country and rap music. I love them because rap music always has good lyrics that mean something, and country is happy, and makes me feel better. The country singers i like are Rascal Flatts and Kieth Urban. The rappers i like are Drake and Eminem.

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I love to eat salad. Its my favorite food because it can be so different, it tastes good, and its healthy for you.

I want to be at summer sizzlers right now. Its a summer camp that my friends and i do doing the summer. It is a lot of fun, and i miss summer, and doing that amazing camp with everyone. The counslers are really nice and cool too.
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I want to be known for being a good person. Ive always wanted to be a good girl that gets perfect grades and can help everyone with everything. That can't always happen with me but i try. I also just want to help others.

I could not do without my cell phone and facebook. I am constantly texting (not in class of course )and i am addicted to facebook. They keep be busy when im boredfacebook.jpg
I would change this school if I could. I would make the classrooms air conditioned. I would also make lunches longer and more fun. I would also make it so we could go wherever and do whatever we want at 8th

I want to know more about outer space, and outside of this universe. My friends and I had a conversation once about how we all believe that theres other life (aliens) outside this universe. I would really like too know if there is or not. I think it would be very interesting to study.