My Anschutz .22
Something that you do: Shoot, Bike, Swim, Design knives, anything i can do outside! I love the outdoors.
external image mountain-biking-mammoth-2.jpg

Something that you believe: Aliens exist. I don't know why, I just always have.
Something that you listen to: Limp Bizkit, and many other groups.I listen to a lot of music right now.
external image limpbizkit.jpg

Something that you like to eat: Food :) Yes i like to eat food, why?, because it tastes good.
external image food_title.jpg

Some place you want to be: The Range. It's my favorite place to be.
external image BlueTrailRange.jpg

Something you want to be known for: Shooting. A highest score or something that stands out above the rest.
Something you cannot do without: Air. Yep, turns out we need it! Who'd a thunk it?
Something you would change: My sight. I never thought I'd need glasses, and getting them kinda ruined my dreams.
external image funny_nose_glasses.jpg

Something you are known for: Shooting, and Computer capabilities. Both are pretty good :)
Something you want to know more about:Mr.Bogush. He's mysterious!!!


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