Charlie Wiki!!!!!!(:
I Listen to:

i listen to this music because I like this style.

Something I do:

  • Basketball

I play basketball because its always been fun and I've played for 6years

Something I believe:

  • With every complex problem there is a simple solution

I believe this because as long as you try to fix something all you have to do is think and you will secede

Something I like to eat:

  • Pizza
I eat pizza because its my favorite food(:

Somewhere I want to be:

  • Duck, Outer Banks, North Carolina!
I like Duck because I love being on the beach and where its warm. i want to move there when im older

Something I cannot do without:

  • Cell Phone, Computer, Basketball, and a Soccer ball and
    Teague bush
I cant live without the things above because im addicted to texting and my computer. and i love to play basketball and soccer.

Something I want to be known for:

  • a good friend

I want to be know as a goodfriend because if i'm a good friend then my friends will be good to me.

Something I'd Change:

  • Child Abuse
  • Animal Abuse


I'd chang child and animal abuse because it cruel and not right. living being should be treated that way its wrong.

Something I'm Known for:

  • basketball
I'm known for basketball because i play all year round on every team possible.

Something I want to know more about:

  • Teens around the World

I want to learn more about teen around the world to be honest i dont know anything about them.