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Welcome to my wiki space!

Something that I do is
and Guitar.
I have been playing hockey for 6 years, guitar for 4 because I enjoy playing both of them.
I am very funny, athletic and nice if you get to know me.

My favorite hockey teams are theNew Jersey Devilsand the
Washington Capitals


Something I believe in is
because that is my religion

I listen to a lot of music, mostly rock, but my favorite band/artist is Three Days Grace and **Bob Marley** because they are both very talented musicians.

Something that I like to eat is steak because it is very tasty.

Some place I want to be is
because I have never been there before and it sounds very nice.

Something I want to be known for is my **ice hockey** skills because people would look up to me.

Something I cannot do without is music because I listen to music any time I can.

Something I would change is the past because of some mistakes.
Something I am known for is being funny and also being short because that is who I am.

Something I want to know more about is the future because I want to know more about my life.