How Democratic was Andrew Jackson-Christina Miller
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Harriet Tubman

Hello People<3

Live. Laugh.Love

I’ve been playing the piano for 7 years now and I’m absolutely love it I love being with my friends and family because I feel I don’t have to hide who I am and I feel like myself<3 love softball..I believe that no matter what anyone says have faith in yourself and you are beautiful<3 I love listening to pop and rock because It makes me smile (: Taylor swift is amazing because she is strong and confident<3.I am obsessed with pasta and junk food because its food and i love food. I love reese’s peanut butter cups! I really want to be chillen on the beach right now because it is warm and relaxing. Courtney Castelli is best.friend.forever. <3. I want to be known for being a successful person and having a memorable personality. i feel i can get to where i want to be if i put my mind to it. I would really like to go back and erase the mistakes i made.. I am know for being fun, caring, crazyyy lovable, silly and energitic. I would love to learn what people in other countries do for fun. I cannot live with out my friends,family, their support, and celllllphone<3 E.H a&f<3
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Michael Jackson tribute by HoodieSkin.
Michael Jackson tribute by HoodieSkin.

It takes one second to fall in love

But a lifetime to forget <3

Lil Wayne - Retouched by BTDSGNS.
Lil Wayne - Retouched by BTDSGNS.
here are some songs by some of my favorite artists image asher-roth.jpgr-roth.jpg

the tea and war

i love you christinaaaa <3
- Zahia. :]