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Something that I like to do is sing because it is fun.

Something that I believe is everyone deserves a second chance because no matter how bad someone messes up they should be given a chance to redeem themselves.

Some place that I want to be is Paris. I want to be in Paris because I think that it is so nice there and all the people there look like their having a

good time.

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Something that I like to listen to is the Jonas Brothers because they have awesome music.

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Something that I like to eat is Dots. Dots are something that I like to eat them because they are so chewy.
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Something I want to be known for is being a caring person. I would'nt want to be remembered as a mean person because I'm not.

Something that I cannot do without is my cell phone. I call my friends all the time and if I don't know where it is I get all freaked out.

Something that I would change is world poverty. I feel so bad when I think about how privileged
I am and how bad some people have it.

Something that I am known for being shy, but once I get to know people I really am an open person.

Something I want to know more about is the world in general and how everthing works and why it is that way. I want to know about this because I

always feel like there is so much more to know and do.

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