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I draw a lot, it takes my mind off of the world and lets me be free.external image 2669714383_8d10541b9d.jpg?v=0

I believe that everyone is good in their own mind because someone can be bad but, everyone starts out good. I listen to rock because my parents made me listen to it and now im hooked, with old bands like Led Zepplin, Rush,and the Remones.external image 890380825_cdd0245f4e.jpg?v=0

I like to eat Chinese food there is just something about me that is interested in other cultures and by eating the food I am just a little bit
external image 330990660_5fb6d676d5.jpg?v=0
One place I would like to be is in Colorado because I would like to be up in the mountains snowboarding.
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I would like to be known for being the kid that was different and was able to change other poeple's perspective of people that are different.
Something that I cannot do without is food and water because that is somthing that myself or anyone else needs.
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I would change how Americans would rely on people, because now we rely to much on China to do and make things for us.
I am known for being different, someone that isn't afraid to speak their mind.
I would like to know more about global warming and if it is true or not.