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I like to play football because I like to tackle.
action for friday night football by bulldog1.
action for friday night football by bulldog1.
I beleive I am a good student because of my grades.
I listen to Van Halen because I like the sound they make.
van_halen-colour27 by K. Todd Storch.
van_halen-colour27 by K. Todd Storch.
I like to eat pasta because of the sauce.
I want to be on a boat because of the ocean.
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I want to be known for being a good man.
I cannot do without my bicycle because I would not be able to get around town.
Free Agent BMX bike by .:Peter:..
Free Agent BMX bike by .:Peter:..

I would want to get out of school earlier because of summer break.
I want to learn how to play the guitar because I like to listen to music made by guitars.
Electric guitar by guerrera.
Electric guitar by guerrera.

Christopher DellaCamera
Earth Group


Your family needs you back home. We are short on supplies and need
as much help as we can get now that your Father is not here. The war you are
fighting in is a lost cause, bringing only death and hardship to the people of you
country, not freedom. It is now worse than how it was when the British had
complete conrol of the Colonies. You need to come back as soon as your
enlistment is up and help me and your brother at the tavern.

The War you are fighting in is doing nothing but bad for us in Redding.
Our young men are being killied and maimed by the battles you are in. The
solidiers are taking all of the supplies and food for themselves, leaving very
few for the others. This is making the very old and very young sick. It is
also making the items for the Commisionary Store harder for us to buy because
of the high prices. It is not doing any good for the people you are trying to
save from the British, it is hurting us.

The War for you and the solidiers that you are fighting with is foolish. You
are losing about every battle, you are running severly low on supplies, and you are
not accomplishing much except getting yourself killed. It seems to be a lost cause
in the state your army is in. There is not one good reason that can be backed up
with true facts that it is a good thing to stay with the Continentals. The chance you
are going to die from disease or malnutrition right now is greater than the chance
you are going to die fighting for your Patriot cause.

Over all, the War has no good benefits to any one at this point. So many
are dying that there will be no one left in the Colonies to try to free from the
British.Women and children are being killed by the war. The war is only turning
people into animals after what they have done. How are your small groups of
militia going to stop the most powerful nation in the world?

Sam, you are needed at home badly. If you want to stay alive, then come
home. Staying with the Rebels is surley a death wish for yourself. I beleive it is
wrong that you are putting your Rebellion before your family. It is doing no good.
You are needed at the tavern more than you are needed with the troops.