All my work chrisgb11 Hi, my name is Chris and this is a little about myself!

I play many sports but, my favorite sport to play is basketball. One reason why I play basketball is because I like running. Some people may say that if I like to run why not do cross country or track. First of all, when I say run I don't like to run just up and down hills or on a track. There has to be a greater goal than just coming in first. Well, there is in basketball. The goal is to score and that's another reason I like to play basketball. The feeling of every cheering for you when you score a basket is like no other feeling in the world. I also like to play basketball because it is just another way to hang out with my friends. Those are just some of the reasons why I like to play basketball.

This is Lebron James, one of the best basketball players of all - time

I believe that if you take a little time each day to dance then you will be a more relaxed person. If you do this then your ideas for particular thought you have will flow more freely. Another reason is because you need to get excercise everyday because obesity is a huge problem in our country. That could possibly elinimate some health problems and complications in America. Even if you don't think any of the previous reasons matter to you then make sure you read this one. Dancing may be a job for some people, but for most people it is a hobby or they do it because they love it. Dancing is fun and if you have fun everyday in your life then I gurantee that your life will be more fun.

I listen to a wide variety of music because I feel it keeps me in touch with the very different cultures of the world. For example, country music talks about like Iowa and those midwest states while rap talks about California and New York. By listening to different types of music, you learn alot about each culture in America, or even the world. Another reason that I listen to music is because certain songs move me in a good way. For example, a good rock song always pumps me before a sports game, therefore, I have more energy for the game. This extra energy can possibly make me play faster, harder, and longer. I also listen to music because I like it. Plain and simple, I'm a fan of music in general.


I love to eat at Chili's.I like to eat there because I like the restaurant's theme, which is southwest United States. It actually makes me feel like I am in Texas. Another reason I like to eat there is because the restaurant is such a family place. Whenever I go there the waiter/waitress we have is so nice and accompanies our evey need. They are polite and really make us feel like we are welcome in Chili's. Last but certainly not least, the food is food delicous. My favorite thing to eat there is the Molten Chocolate Cake. The warmth of the chocolate really compliments the coldness of the ice cream. They also have very good burgers. That is why I like to eat at Chili's.


I want to be at Foot Locker right now. Foot Locker is probably my favorite store in any mall in America. I love shoes, espicially nice ones which are abundant at Foot Locker. When I walk into a Foot Locker I go crazy. Secondly, I want to work there when I get older so the more familar I get with the store now, the better chance I have of getting the job when I'm older. Foot Locker is one of the place that I go in the mall annually. I actually have a friend that works there and I don't see him alot. When I go into Foot Locker I can buy nice shoes, relax and see my friend. How can a store get any better??

One of the new Jordan shoes.

I want to be known for my great work ethic in school and just in general. All my teachers know that I am a great student and work very hard, but I don't think that my friends know that I work hard at life. Most of my friends come to me for help if they need it. When I answer and help them they always call me a nerd. I know they are joking , but still i think they should appreciate my help. Another reaon why I want to be known for my my work ethic is because I think that it would give me a good reputation in school among my teachers and peers. If I have a good reputatuion then in high school I could take better and more challenging classes. If I takes classes to suit my level and ones that challenge me I could possibly have a better future. Besides anyway, I like a challenge in school and take like to take it easy all the time. Only once in a while.


I could not do without my Ipod touch. Also known at the Itouch. My Itouch is my music player, game playing , computer all in one. First of all, Ipods were originally made to play music. My Ipod and everyone elses does that, but it's a little different for everybody because not everybody listens to the same music.It also allows you to play games ifyou are not in the mood for music, or even if you want to play games and listen to musc. The App store has different apps for everybody's personal taste. If you like sport,there are sports games or there are brain teezing games for thise who like that. The Ipod adapts to everybdy's needs, wants, and interest. Finally, it is just like a computer you have at home. With Wi-Fi in most places, and alot of it being free, you can almost access your Facebook, email or anything on the web from your Itouch. So as you can see, the Ipod is many things in one, but most of all it is your personality shown through you interests.


I would change the amount of days that we go to school. First of let me say that I do not dislike school, I just think that there is no point in going 180 days when we don't do anything productive the last week or so. In my opinion, the perfect amount is 175 days because that is when we actually stop doing work or wokr that means anything anyway. From past expiriences in school, I feel that the amount of days is to many beause of the weather as well. The weather is a big factor because it gets extremely hot in late May and June.Most people think it is hot now in September, those people will be s dying of heat exhaustin the last month and a half of school. That is why I think 175 days of schol is just the right amount. If this change happens it would benfefit the teachers and all faculty, not just the students..

I am known for many things. I presonaly feel that when people think of me they think of me being loud, fast, and good at sports. Actually, there was this one time when I was playing manhunt with my friends, my brother, and his friends. It was a huge game with alot of people. The teams had 20 people each on the team. So it was the last round and it was a tie game, so whoever won won the match. The other team captured 8 of are 10 players and it was my friend John and I, against 10 other people. We were running around crazy looking for a way to get to the base. Finally, we ran through this person's backyard that hates kids running through their backyard. We were running our fastest, but we were running out of room. She had a fence at the end of her yard. Jack veered off to the left going to hide. He yelled for me to come with him, but I had my eye on the prize. I hopped the fence without even touching and ran for the base. Suddenly, my brother ran in front of me. He thought he had me trapped, but I faked left and wen right and he just missed tagging me. From there on I was known for my speed. Everybody that knows me knows I am loud, but there was this one particular time at a Yankees game where I screamed for them at the top of my lungs. It felt like the whole stadium looked at me. Hahaha.. Now u know i'm loud.....

I want to know more about stem cell surgery. I was watching this show and this kid was pearalized and he got the procedure. The show didn't explain much about the surgery, and I was intreged. All I know is that they put something into your legs, and with rehab you can walk again. I thought it was a joke but it was a serious thing so now I want to more about it. I've done research but I haven't got any good facts. This seems weird to learn about, and I get many remarks about it being weird from people, but I want to know more about it.