all my work chirsfr11

I play drums because its fun, easy and because I have always liked drums since my friend played.
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I believe in myself for everything I do like drums, rollerblade and school work.

I listen to bullet for my valentine also AC DC and more rock and more metal.
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I love to eat cookie dough ice cream because I like cookie dough and ice cream and them both together is even better.
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I want to be back in hawaii for vacation again because it is reallly warm, nice and lots to do there.
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I want to be known for rollerblading i love jumping off stuff on my rollerblades i find rollerblading interesting all the things u can do on rollerblades is so cool.
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I could not do without my two brothers,my mom and dad and all of my friends.

I would change nothing, becuase I like everything and I like everything about my life and about me.

I am known for being quite a lot, I dont talk to people alot in school but out of school I am loud
I want to know more about how to get better at drums, i want to learn songs on drums, and i only now beats right now i have been watching my friend play drums for a long time and when he stop playing drums i bought his drum set and now i am taking lessons from the same drum teacher he had.
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