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Spies in the civil war
Timothy Webster, Kate Warne, Belle Boyd, and Henry Thomas Harrison.
Reason for choice:
I think that spies are interesting and I want to know more about them.

What's your point?
I believe that the Union spies were better spies than the Confederate spies.

Secondary sources:
Primary Sources:

What four reasons do you have that will back up your point?

1 Timothy Webster

2 Kate Warne

3 Belle Boyd

4 Henry Thomas Harrison

What is your first reason and three to five facts to support it?
Timothy Webster
1. He was working for Allen Pinkerton's detective agency. He was sent to Tennessee and Kentucky in 1861 to gather information about the Confederate military units in those states. He posed as a secessionist and got important information from rebel officers. He was cought and about to be arrested, but he snuck onto a train and went back to the North.

2. Next, he was sent by Pinkerton to go to go to the Baltimore area with Hattie Lawton. The two of them pretended to be married. They became members of a pro-southern group so that they could report in the secessionists' plans and activities. Webster found out that there was a Baltimore Plot to assasinate Lincoln. when he crossed through Baltimore for his innauguration.

3. Webster became a messenger for the Richmond examiner. He go a pass from a confederate spy, so he was allowed to visit Rebel fortifications an government offices.

What can you conclude from these facts?
That Timothy Webster was an advantage for the Union. The things that he did as a spy really helped out the Union.
Even though he was killed, he still did great spying.
What is your second reason and three to five facts to support it?
Kate Warne

1. Kate was involved in the case of the Adam's Express Company. A man named Mr. Maroney was being convicted. He stole 50 grand from the Adam's Express company. The Union wanted the money returned, so they sent Kate. She went to the South and found valuable evidence that he was guilty. About 40 thousand of it was returned.

2. Often times, her and Allen Pinkerton would pose as a married couple while undercover. She went by many different names while spying. Her, Allen Pinkerton, and a few other spies set up a spying headquarters in Ohio. THat was very clever of the Union spies.

3. One day a murder took place at a bank. The bank teller was killed and the murderer took $130,000 with him. Kate went undercover as a Mrs. Potter and became friends with the suspect's wife. She trusted Kate and told her that it was her husband who stole the money.


What is your third reason and three to five facts to support it?
Belle Boyd

1. Her spying career started when some Union soldierscame into her house. One of them pushed her mother and then Belle shot and killed him.
2. Because of that, the officers kept a close eye on her. Belle charmed one of the officers, so she asked him to give her military secrets, and he did. She told the confederate officers about it.

3. Belle supposibly had very attractive ankles, so she got Union men to tell her their secrets. That is how she did pretty much all of her spying.

What can you conclude from these facts?
Belle Boyd, in my opinion, did do a good job at getting men to tell her things, but she really didn't do much actual spying. The Union spies actually did some spying. Belle is one of the most famous Confederate spies, but to me, she wasn't that good. She didn't do that much work. She just kind of stood their and turned on her charm.
What is your fourth reason and three to five facts to support it?
Henry Thomas Harrison

1. In 1863, Harrison gave General Robert E. Lee information about the Union positions. Lee had heard from some other people that Harrison's information was always true, so he trusted Henry. Harrison's information said that the Union troops had left Frederick, Maryland. Lee told all of his troops to go to a town called Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. That is how the battle of Gettysburg started.

2. After the war, Harrison took his wife and daughter to Mexico. They later divorced. He died in 1923.

3. I couldn't find a third fact on Harrison because he only did one thing. The man that is supposedly responsible for starting the famous battle of Gettyburg did nothing else. It was a big thing, but it was the only thing.

What can you conclude from these facts?
That Henry Thomas Harrison did nothing other than telling Lee where the Union troops were heading, therefor starting the battle at Gettysburg. That is about it.

Based on your research, what conclusions would you make and how does your research connect to your life?
That the Union spies did so much more and better spying than the Confederate spies. The two Union spies that I chose did so much and in my opinion, a much better job of it. Belle Boyd, one of the most famous confederate spies, didn't really do much spying at all. She just kind of stood there and showed off her body to Union men, making them want to tell her things. And Henry Thomas Harrison, the man that is the reason why we had the famous battle at Gettysburg, did nothing else after that. You can't be a great spy because of one thing.

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