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something that I enjoy is dirtbiking because I lke the thrill of going off jumps.

Something that I believe is that there is aleins because people have seen alot of UFO's lately.

I like to listen to music by slipknot becasue there music is sick.
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I like to eat ice cream because it has alot of cool and tasteful flavors.
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Some place I want to be is Quebec,Canada becasue there is hockey year around there.
Something I want to be known for is Being a proffesional sports player because you could make millions and have fun also.
Something I cannot do without is a pet because they are fun to play with.
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Something I would change is my house I would make it BIGGER.

I'm known for playing hockey beacause i have played it my whole life.
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Something I want to know more about is space because it is so big and we hardly know anything about it.
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