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Something that you do?
Baseball by mrhayata.
Baseball by mrhayata.

because it is my favorite sport.
Something that you believe?
That all people care because everyone can.
Something that you listen to?
No Music by dpicker
No Music by dpicker

rock music because it is great music to listen to.
Something that you like to eat
because it is so cheesey and delicious.
Some place you want to be?
Hawaii because I like tropical climates.
Something you want to be?
Line is set by CipherSwarm
Line is set by CipherSwarm

A football player because it is my dream.
Something you cannot do without?
My family because they will always love me.
Something you would change?
The way I act because sometimes I get hot headed.
Something you want to be known as?
Someone who helps the environment because I want a healthy Earth.
Something you want to know more about?
My ancestors because I want to know other relatives other than family now.
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