all my work dang2011

I play with my baby sister. She is two years old and she is a very active baby.


I believe that I can be a scientist when I grow up. I would like to be a forensic scientist and study bodies. I want to study how to take bullets out of bodies and study the wounds.

I listen to music. I like hip hop and country music. My favorite singer is Ke$ha.

I love to eat cheese. I like it on pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I want to be at Hawaii. One of my best friends lives there with his whole family. There are beautiful beaches there and it is always warm.

I want to be known for inventing a time machine. I would like to go back in time. I would like to go back to when I made a mistake or failed a test and correct it.

I could not do without my step father because he was there when my biological father walked out.

I would change how I study for tests. I usually slack off and try to study at the last minute.

I am known for loving animals. I have four dogs, two ferrets, and a lizard.

I want to know more about how animals bodies shut down. I want to be able to save animals before they have to be put down.