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I play games on my ipod touch. I never get off my ipod because it has really fun apps and games. My ipod is my life I always have it with me.

I believe in ending wars for good. I can only imagine how hard it must be for military families to have a parent or husband or wife away for months at a time. I would be scared that my parent or wife or husband could be killed at any moment accidently or deliberately. War should be stopped because innocent people are killed everyday because of the fighting and that is wrong.

I listen to music of all different genres because I love to sing. I sing all the time and sometimes its hard for me to stop singing. I'll sing anything so I need to listen to different music to learn different sounds. Music is my passion and that's why I listen to all different types.

I love to eat oranges or clemintines. They are a really good source of vitimin C. They have a really great taste. Oranges are my favorite fruit.

I want to be at the beach. I love hearing the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. I also love the smell of salt water. I love walking along the sea with the waves crashing on my legs its the best feeling.


I want to be known for my singing. I love singing with all my heart and I want people to know that about me because that's the thing I am most passionate about. I can sing to anything at any time. When I am at home I sing all the time and that'swhat I want to happen. I think singing is the best thing in the world.


I could not do without my cell phone because it helps me to connect with friends when I can't hang out with them. I love texting and if my cell phone was taken away I would miss the texting. I sometimes like to talk on the phone with my friends without bothering the whole household with the phone ringing.


I would change animal testing. Animal testing is wrong and it kills and hurts many innocent animals and that


I am known for being the girl her friends can go to when they need help. I am a good listener so thats why my friends come to need advice. I try to listen as much as I csn with out speaking before they are finishd talking so I can get the whole story. I am always one to help friends who need advice or just someone to talk to and thats why they come to me.

I want to know more about the american revolution. This subject used to be my favorite subject when I was younger. I didn't really know much about it so I'm really curious about it. It would be awesome to learn more about it.