All my work David10

Something I eat is cupcakes
chocolate devil's food cupcakes by chotda.
chocolate devil's food cupcakes by chotda.

Something that I do is play soccer.

Something that I believe is we should respect everyone equally

Something that I listen to is madcon

Some place I want to be is in California because its beast!
external image 1215_01_1---The-Golden-Gate-Bridge--San-Francisco--California_web.jpg
Something I want to be known for is an artist cuz im beast

Something I cannot do without is technology because its beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something I would change is the planet to make it coolerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
external image 2222523486_5e1894e314.jpg

Something I am known for is being weird because i am wierd

Something I want to know more about is the future because it is a beast