All My Work - davefp11
I play basketball. I love basketball. I’ve been playing for years. This year I have been exposed to more leagues. I played AAU for the Connecticut Hoop Stars, my middle school’s team the Moran mustangs. I played at my local parks and recreation building during the summer. My Favorite NBA team is the New York Knicks.
I believe that the New York Knicks will finaly make it to the playoffs this year. the reason being is that we finally have a big name on our team, Amare Stoudimire. He is going to be our leader. plus we have mulitple assests around him to feed him the ball in the post where he proforms the best on the court.

I listen to Eminem because he tells the truth about life in his songs and everyone can relate to his way of life or songs one way or another. I also admire him for everything he does. Sometimes I feel like I know him personally.

I love to eat pizza and mountain dew. They are the best combonation of food and drink. Otherwise I drink Vault or Diet Coke because my Dad drinks Diet Coke. I have dranken almost every Flavor of every energy drink known to man. Red Bull, Monster, name it I've drank it at least once.

I want to be at my school but not to do work but to connect with my friends. My friends and family are all I have. I love them to death. But also to work and learn. Thats where I get my education if my Dad isn't teaching me how to do something.

I want to be known for being on the '10 - '11 year at moran and having an undefeated season. Last year wasn't the best season. But its hard to follow up an undeafeted season. This year hopefully I can step up so we can dominate.

I could not do without my friends. They have helped me throught every tough situation I was in. They have always been there for me no matter what. Thanks Everyone. [You know who you are:) ].

I would change they way I am around my friends and family for everyones sake. Either Im too rude or too loud.

I feel that I always don't take any of my assignments in school seriously and I fool around too much. This year I hope that that can stop so I can redeam myself for fooling around last year and accually trying to piss my teacher off.

I am known for usually being the loud and funny one. But this year I am foucusing more on my studies and less on fooling around and being a moron with my friends. Sometimes being a moron with my friends isn't always the best choice for me.

I want to know more about grammer and vocabulary even though i am not the best at it. I always hear my dad use bigger then normal words that usually mean something normal and learning to use those words and add them to my vocabulary is a smart choice.