All My Work devonpb11

I play my XBOX360 most of the day. My xbox HATES my CoD WAW, it gave it a huge scratch. I also have a gamefly that sends me games in the mail.360.jpg
I believe that the United State should not give away 10's of 1000's of dollors away to Israel. WHY dose it do that? WHY?!?! WHAT DOSE THE AMARICAN PEOPLE GET IN RETURN, BECUSE IF I COULD TAKE MY DOLLOR AWAY FROM THAT, I WOULD.
I listen to rock music like AC-DC, 3 Days Grace, and Linkin Park. One of my favorite songs by AC-DC is Shoot To Thrill. My favorite snog is by 3dg and its called Over and Over. New Divide was a good one by LP.
I love to eat meat and meat only. I am consiterd to be a person who only eats meat, excluding some fruits. I will eat any meat besides meat lof.
I want to be at home wathing G4 with an ice cold soda.dew.jpg That or playing Xbox. I may go outside pending on weather.
I want to be known for my invetions. Im going to create a muffler that filters air, like a gas mask. I'm also going to make the first Anti- Matter bomb. And I'm making the first car jammer, casing any vihicle within 100ft immoble.
I could not do without friends man. Friends are what makes people relieved of all stress. Friends stick together and don't betray. Friends share funny stuff and spred it around, well at least my friends do.
I would change the president and swap him for Bill. To what I've herd, obama studed over Saul Alinskiy, a satanist. obama tended to a church that spewed out hate, anti American gardage. He hung out with Revren Right, the anti Amieican bigot. For more info clik on the link. REPENT!!
I am known for my knolage on WW2 or World War 2. I can tell you alot about the axis(Germany)force that took over most of Europe.wehr.jpg And I can tell you why Germany tryed to rule the world.
I want to know more about polotics. I'm learnig polotics by my step grandmother. She dosen't like obama and she will go on for hours about him, and thats why I don't like him.
Ich werde eine deutsche Teil der hier demnächst!/Я будут получения российской стороны в ближайшее время здесь!