You will have to add new pages to your homepage for each assignment that is required to be posted is how you add a page. Let me know if it is confusing!
  1. Click on edit this page
  2. Type the name of the new page onto your homepage-end the name of the page with your usename(see below*) and highlight it
  3. Click on the add link icon -- it is the one that looks like the earth, with two links of chain together
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Save
  6. Click on the new link and it will take you to your new page that you can edit.

Let's say you are going to create a page about Martha Washington. You would Type Martha Washington PaulW09 and then highlight it. When the box pops up asking you to create a page, where it says "link text" erase your name, and then "ok."
Watch below: