all my work dominicrb2011
I play football because its fun to hit people,its a test of skill,and you play in any conditions
I believe that the nationals will never win a world series because theyre players arent good theyre coaches arent good and they dont win alot.
I listen to rock because is loud concerts are awsome and the bands rule
I love to eat pizza is tasty theres lots of different kinds and its great for parties
I want to be at a bon jovi concert
I want to be known for my video gaming skills because i'm good,like to play,and it is hard to beat me
I could not do without an xbox 360 because thats all i do,its fun,and alot of people play
I would change nothing about xbox 360 because its the best gaming system there is,alot of people play,and it was the first to go online
I am known for my racing skills because im good at racing games,gokarts,and I race to win
I want to know more about nascar because its a challenging sport, not everyone can do it,and it is fun to do