I play the flute because I think that its a nice instrument, I've always wanted to play it, and I like music♪♫♪♫


I believe that someday the world will be at peace because we can't fight forever, it's what the world needs, and its what a lot of people are hoping for in the future.

I listen to all diffrent kinds of music because, I like a lot of genres, what mood im im in depends on what kind of music I listen to at that moment, and I love music. Some of my favorite artists are Lil' Wayne, Drake, Eminem, and Panic at the Disco.


I love to eat caesar salad because it's my favorite salad, its healthy for you, and I think its delicious!


I want to be in New York City because I've always wanted to live there, they have a lot of stores to shop at, and I think its really pretty at night.


I want to be known for good grades because my goal for this year is to get straight A's, I feel that I work hard enough to get them, and in the past I have gotten good grades so I hope the same applies for this year also.

I could not do without my friends and family, and my cell phone because without my friends and family I wouldn't have anyone to talk to and interact with, I would be lonely, and I wouldn't be able to live life normally. I wouldnt be able to live without my cell phone because I need it to talk to people, I also need it for emergencies, and I think it's important to always have one.


I would change the dress code at school because I don't think it's fair that we can't exactly wear what we want, like tank tops. I also think that there should be an exception for the begining and end of the school year because thats when it's the hottest outside and in the building.

I am known for being a good friend because I help my friends out when they need me, I always hang out with them, and I talk to them allllll the time!

I want to know more about my ancestors because I've always been interested in that kind of stuff, I want to know more about my family's past, and i would like to learn how they used to live back then.