all my work elisavg11 I Whenever I am on the computer doing homework or playing games, music helps me keep focus on what I am doing. It also helps me think better when I am trying to figure out what to write next when typing. When I typed this sentance at home I was listening to music. :)music_note.jpgI believe...that if I go anywhere without my phone I will go crazy. I like to get text messages when they are first sent this way if someone asks me a question, I can respond immediatly instead of hours later. I also don't like to miss when people call incase it was something important. Without my phone I can't call for help incase of an emergency, which was why I got my phone in the first place.I listen to... alternative rock and rock bands. Some bands that I listen to are, NeverShoutNever, Paramore and The Classic Crime. Although these are a couple bands and genres I like they are not the only ones. I also like some rap as long as it is about something real and not money or something pointless. I also listen to Christian artists such as Casting Crowns and Mercy Me. I love to eat... pizza. I like to eat pizza because it is two of my favorite things cheese and bread. I also love to eat grapes they are sweet and juicy and small so they are a perfect snack. I LOVE goldfish especially the pizza ones. ;)I want to be at...Washington D.C. I went there at the begining of seventh grade for a funeral. I got to do alot of sight seeing when I was there. I went to the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, and The Air And Space Musam. It is really awesome when I see these places on T.V or the internet because then I can remember being there and seeing how HUGE things are up close, When looking at the Washington Monument in a picture it looks tiny, but up close, it seems taller than the empire state building.Washington_monument.jpgI want to be known as...a really crazy and energetic person. I love when I am with my friends and not in school because then I can be myself without getting in trouble for being loud. :) I always have a good time when I am with my friends and can be wild.I could not do without... music. Every second I am thinking about music or listening to music. I am teaching myself a song on guitar. I also used to play violin and can sort-of play piano. guitar.jpgI would change...bubbles. For about an hour I was blowing bubbles and they all just kept popping. After I finally got a good big bubble, that didn't pop right away, it hit a tree branch and popped. :( Also I wish that, like in spongebob, bubbles could be in the shape of anything that you wanted them to be. If that were the case then I would never stop blowing bubbles. :)I am known for...talking very loud when not needing to. I am always shouting even when someone is sitting a foot away.My parents constantly tell me to talk quieter. Somehow I always end up yelling again by the end of my sentence. :P I want to know more about...the ocean. I was reading in a science magazing that there are creatures who live in some of the deepest parts of the ocean. We can barely go ten feet without feeling the pressure in our ears, but there are creatures in the ocean who live thousands of miles into the ocean and do not get crushed by the pressure, and still find food. They must not have bones.blue_ringed_octopus.jpg