Web Tools to Grab Video

Best is Real Player which will put an icon above almost any video on your screen and download it to a flash file on your computer, but if you want to use something web based...
Vixy.net - Allows you to paste a URL in, then save the movie to whatever format you want.
KeepVid.com - Allows you to paste a URL in, then save the movie as FLV file...you can play the file with Democracy Player.
Save You Tube
Ares Tube
TubeSock - prepare videos for placement on your iPod.

Viddler Allows viewers to comment on your video
This allows you to make your video interactive http://www.asterpix.com/

How to videos: from http://mashable.com/2007/05/14/video-howtos/
1. **VideoJug**: VideoJug mixes user generated clips with professionally made content. Videos are accompanied by a text version, and you can download clips to your iPod or PSP. This UK-based site is receiving a lot of hype from the British press.
2. **Sclipo** carries a remix of the YouTube tagline: “Broadcast your skills”. The European startup provides how-to guides in English and Spanish.
3. **Sutree**: Sutree is a video aggregator that pulls in videos from sites like YouTube and Metacafe. Clips are picked by users and approved by moderators. There are no user profiles or playlists, making it a fairly lightweight offering.
4. **5min**: 5min is a “videopedia” with a large amount of content. What we like: it offers unique features like slow-motion and zooming, especially useful for learning new skills.
5. **Expert Village**: Expert Village is trying to win on volume, with thousands of videos posted by experts. Currently, the site counts more than 1,700 experts and some 17,000 videos.
6. **ViewDo**: similar to VideoJug, ViewDo provides tagging, comments, video embeds, and RSS feeds for each expert. The contributors are ranked based on their expertise.
7. **Helpful Video**: With its minimalist interface, Helpful video is one of the few sites where you actually have to pay for some clips. The concept is interesting, but we doubt anyone will pay for your beginner’s guide to karate: there are just too many free alternatives.
8. **TeacherTube**: TeacherTube is YouTube for education, with courses for maths, data processing and literature. The site is organized by “channels” and “groups” (college, university, sciences, technology, Maths…). Features include blog embeds, favorites, tagging and commenting.
9. Vidipedia: Vidipedia wants to be the Wikipedia of the videos. It provides info on personalities, historical events and other content you’d expect to find in an encyclopedia. You can leave comments, download or embed videos elsewhere.
10. **YouTube**: Don’t forget YouTube itself: the YouTube category “How To and DIY provides a massive number of how-to videos and inspiration for projects. In fact, it could crush the others simply because of YouTube’s massive userbase.
11. http://webertube.com/

Embedding slideshows and video

Bubble share...scrolling slide show
My guess is that the links below were ripped off Ben Wilkoff's wiki:
Voice Thread for putting together your pictures with audio
Download videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm etc.
Seal Creator: Use this resource to create the emblem of your utopia. A great way to get ideas for the environment of your utopia is to create a matching seal.
Slideshare: Use this resource if you would like to create a PowerPoint of your Utopia summarizing its ideals. This site will allow you to embed that powerpoint into your wiki page, so that your reader will not have to download the PowerPoint file in order to enjoy your work.
Gcast: Use this resource if you would like to use your cell phone to record a podcast
Splashcast: Use this resource if you would like to put video, audio, and pictures all together and then embed them onto your wiki page. This resource is a little more complex than some of the others, but you can create something really unique with this one.
Empressr: This resource will allow you to put together a lot of different types of media (images, movies, audio) into one presentation that can be embedded onto your wikipage. It may be easier than Splashcast; Check it out.
Spresent:Use this resource to create "High Definition" presentations online with animated clipart and a whole lot more. These presentations are way better than PowerPoint, and easier to create.
Zoho Show: This resource is for creating PowerPoint-like presentations on the web. It is easy to use and you can embed them directly into a webpage.
Flektor is a new Flash-based content mashup tool. Users can pull in photos from several hosting services like flickr, MySpace, and Photobucket to make slick-looking, embeddable media slide shows for blogs, Web sites or social networks. It's a lot like Mixercast, and other media mashup services like RockYou (Great, but banned in school) and SplashCast.
MixerCast is a new Web based tool for creating sharable slide shows.
Slidez is a new photo slide show tool
Rockyou slide shows, corkboards, countdowns, and other widgets

· 360yahoo - Blogging. Tagging. Share Photos. Social Networking: http://360.yahoo.com/ (Submitted by Britta Harting).
· Avidbeauty - Share photos & sounds. http://www.avidbeauty.com/
· Broadsnatch - Share multimedia. http://www.broadsnatch.com/
· Bubbleshare - Phlog, share, add audio captions. http://www.bubbleshare.com/
· Buzznet - Share videos & photos. http://www.buzznet.com/
· Castpost - Upload & share your av clips. http://www.castpost.com/
· Comagz - Cocreate & rate content. http://www.comagz.com/
· Everybit - Share your media. http://www.everybit.com/
· Fireant - Upload & share multimedia. http://www.fireant.tv/
· Glide - Upload & share multimedia. http://glidedigital.com/
· Grouper - Upload, create & share media. http://www.grouper.com/
· Hackoff* - Book published as blog & podcast. http://www.hackoff.com/
· Junklog - Rate, review & share media. http://junklog.com/
· Kaneva - Digital entertainment marketplace. http://www.kaneva.com/
· LifeLogger - Share audio, video & photos. http://www.lifelogger.com/
· Listal - List & share all your media. http://www.listal.com/
· Livelocker - Link to, rate & share multimedia. http://www.livelocker.com/ (Submitted by Norbert Schuler).
· Loomia - Folksonomied media search. http://www.loomia.com/
· Lulu - Publish & sell your content. http://www.lulu.com/
· Magnoto - Phlog & blog. http://www.magnoto.com/
· MediaMax - Store, manage & share media. https://mediamax.streamload.com/
· Myvideokaraoke - Sing & share your song on video. http://www.myvideokaraoke.com/
· Orb - Stream your media, wherever. http://www.orb.com/
· Phanfare - Upload & share photos & videos. http://www.phanfare.com/
· Picpix - Upload & share photos & videos. http://www.picpix.com/
· Pixpulse - Upload & share photos and videos on your mobile. http://www.pixpulse.com/
· Quizilla - Create & share content. http://quizilla.com/
· Shozu - Upload & share photos, videos & text on your mobile. http://www.shozu.com/
· Songbird - Media player & web browser. http://www.songbirdnest.com/
· Sonr - Track media & media users. http://sonr.net/beta/
· Streamdrive - Upload & share multimedia. http://www.streamdrive.com/
· Streamload - Store & share your media. http://www.sendspace.com/
· Strmz - Clip & share tv & video. http://strmz.jot.com/
· Swagroll - List & share all your media. http://swagroll.com/
· Totoexpress - Hoste, collaborate on, share & deliver content. http://www.totoexpress.com/
· Vidilife - Upload & share media. http://www.vidilife.com/
· Yiibu - Remix, adapt, expand, share & sell content. http://yiibu.com/