Something that i do is play softball because its fun and gets my heart pumping.
So i think that softball is the best sport ever i love it. I would always play with my sister in the front yard because she plays on a softball team. My sister is 27. Even though i havnt actually signed up for it yet i will next year. This sprt really gets my heart racing! I think that i am pretty good at it. At home i have this bouncy thing were you can through the ball at it and it will bounce back. Thats how i became such a good picher. Like my sister i want to play softball all the time and still go out and have fun with my friends.I also like soccer but not as much as softball.

Something that i believe in is that the world will end and god.

Something that i listen to is coheed and cambria.

Something that i like to eat is pizza because its so good.
Some place i want to be is at lake gorage in new york because its so relaxing there and i love the water.
Something i want to be known for is the girl whos funny and nice to people because i dont want to be know for something bad.

Something i can not do without my family and my cell phone because i love my family and i cant live without my cell phone.

Something i wouldnt change anything in my life right now becuse its awesome.
Something i am known for is i am always looking for friends to go places with like friendlys and go bowling.
Something i want to know more about is about southern collage.