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I play the electric guitar every wednesday at 3:30 because the guitar is sort of a challenge and i like to have a challenge. Guitar looks easy at times but its not your fingers have to be in the perfict possiton and you have to have the perfict tune. I love the guitar i love a good challenge. When i go to a concert i look at the guitar palyer play its really cool and hopefully some day i really wish that ciould be me playing that great. I love the guitar and its a great way to spend your time when its raning or you have nothing to do.
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I believe that if you try your best you can do anything...if you wanted to be better at sports...practice if u want to get good everythign has a reason an if you try your best than you can get anywhere. If you at least tried that should get you somewhere. It works for me...and i know it will work for you.
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I listen to a lot of music, but my favorite music is rap I listen to rap 24/7. I love rap becsue when you really read the lyrics they almost always mean something. Rap is just..good music!!(: i think that rap is good music becasue it gose so fast that it has so much rythem. I love rap(:
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I love to eat pizza, becasue pizza is yummy(: I love the melty cheese and the yummy crust... on fridays all my neighbors come to my house and we order pizzas from the best is just yummy(: like i dont know what i would eat on fridays if pizza was not invented!! my favorite type of pizza is pepporonie becasue its spicy and i love spicy foods!
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I want to be at Disney World right this second(: because Disney World is sooooo much fun...the rollercoasters...the food..the music...the laughter..the smiles...the all sounds sooo fun it makes me want to be there right now!
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I want to be know for the one who is not afraid to back down from any challenge someone who snt afriad to take a chance and really go fro what i belive in..and the one that can do whatever she puts her mind to. That seems the best only becasue that would make me feel really special that i could do whatever i belie in
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I could not do without my little brother Patrick, he helps me all the time and it would be hard to live without him because I go to him with anything and everything he is my life and without him it would be hard(: he is my everthing and having him in my life actually makes it so much better... he is my best true real only little brother... and i love him
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I would change the way i met my best friend.. i met her because of a fight. I wish i had met her a better way becasue like meeting ur bestfriend between a fight...thats not the best way to meat a friend. I would change the way i meat her and make it like at a party or something more interesting or better.
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I am known for being a really good dancer. I dance alot in my free time and i am starting back up with hip hop. I love to dance and preform in frount of people and im not afraid to get up on stage and just dance.
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I want to know more about hip hop they get like the picture above ^^ how they learn to do such amazing tricks. How they stay in thise possitions for so long. I wish i was able to do that!!
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