All my work- ericbg11

I play sports- beacuse they keep me in good shape, there exiting, they keep me active and healthy. My favorite sport is basketball.I like to play basketball beacuse its outgoing and alot of movment. Basketbal is really fun cause you get to be with your friends and socialize.

i believe that- Looks are important. they are important to me beacuse i always wanna be looking my best. I never like to be all gross i like to be clean.

i lisen to music- beacuse its really fun and relaxing or pump up. i like hiphop like emineim or lilwayne and artist like that. it keeps me going to get ready for a sport and dadream what i want to happen in the game.
i love to eat- junk food beacuse its a fiesta in my mouth. i love the taste of the food its just so sugared up and good. one of my favorites is chips.
i want to be a- profestional basketball player. i love basketball beacuse its really fun. it keeps me active.
i want to be known for- good looking, basketball, funny
i could not do without- a cellphone to text my friends. i am always texting beacuse i like to talk to people. i always set up when i hang out with friends with my phone.
i would change- the schools dress code. i would change it beacuse people should be able to wear what they want. they should be old enough to dress themselves to how they want.
i am known for- good at sports, being a good friend, and desantly good looking.
i want to know about- frootrollups, beacuse they taste good, and they are all diffrent colors.