All My Work Erictp11 I play baseball because it feels so good when your feeling the rush of chaseing a pop up in center field or like hitting a line drive out into left field and then sliding into second when the ball goes by the catcher there is so much excitment while playing baseball.

I believe that small things like recycling will help the enviorment because we can save millions of animals just by carpooling, taking shorter showers, and riding bikes.

I listen to music like hip hop because I love the rythm, it gets me pumped before a game, and it helps me do my homework.

I love to eat cheesburgers because it tastes good, I love meat and it smells really good on the grill.

I want to be at Six Flags on Bizzaro because Bizzaro is the fastest and coolest ride in the universe, Six Flags is one of the greatest amusement parks in the world, and there are tons of more rides to go on instead of Bizzaro.

I want to be known for being a likable person because I want people to respect me, not talk about me behind my back, and to have a lot of friends.

I could not do without watching TV because I love watching movies listening to music videos or watching my favorite shows.

I would change the way I write because I always make mistakes, I write to big or I get very sloppy.

I am known for is being a nice person because people will remember you by that and they will be nice to you.I want to know more about World War 2 because there was a lot of history in it, a lot of horrific battles and how it began.