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Something that you do: Play Softball it is a fun yet competitive game.
Something that you believe: Going Green, i think we should all do our part.
Something that you listen to: Taylor Swift, she is an awsome singer and a great rolemodel to everybody.

Taylor Swift by ama_lia.
Taylor Swift by ama_lia.
Green Bags by Clintus McGintus.
Green Bags by Clintus McGintus.
Something you like to eat: Cupcakes, I love to eat sweets.
Something you want to be known for: Being friendly,i want to be known for being friendly and a nice person.
Something you cannot do without: My friends and family,they are a huge part of my life and i would never want to go without them.
Something you would change: All the fighting, the war really needs to stop, it has been going on for a long time.
Something you are known for: Being funny, i like to make people laugh.
Something you want to know more about: Blogs and Wikis, since Mr. Bogush started teaching us it has been a worldwind of information and i want to learn more.
Somewhere you want to be: Greece,it is a beautiful place and their history interests me.

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