all my work erinfr11 I play soccer (not on a team) because it's something I do with my family that is fun for all of us. I also enjoy soccer because it is one of the only sports that I'm good at. Soccer is also a fun way to keep me fit and healthy.
I believe that happiness is the key to a good life because my great grandma and my great great aunt had a really hard childhood but they always found something to be happy about. They never complained about the work they had to do all the time; they were positive despite all the complications. They always taught me that in times of depression, you should always stay positive no matter what.
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I listen to a lot of different music but my favorite music is country because it makes me happy and I also like to find the hidden meanings or stories in the songs. I also listen to country music because I love the sound of the guitar and there is almost always the guitar in the songs. I also love country music because I can relate to most of the stories in the songs.
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I love to eat pizza because I am a true Italian :) Another reason why I love pizza is because my mom, sister and I usually make homemade pizza together. I also love all the flavors and toppings that you can put on the pizza.
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I want to be at school because I can be with my friends and learn new and exciting things. I also like being at school because my teachers are really kind and very funny so I'm never bored in school.

I want to be known for being a nice person because I want people to feel like they can come talk to me and that I won't judge them. I also want to be known for being a nice person because I know that God would want me to be a nice person and because I want to be like my grandpa who was a great and amazing person as well.

I could not do without my family and friends because they're always there for me when I need them. I also could not do without my family and friends because they are always enjoyable to be around and I know they care about me and will accept me for who I am.

I would change my personality because sometimes I'm sarcastic and I'm afraid that it hurts peoples' feelings sometimes and I don't want to hurt anyone. I would also chang my personality because I think could try harder to be a better person.
I am known for being a Disney expert because I tend to reference Disney a lot, my favorite quote is by Walt Disney, and I'm always drawing Mickey Mouse in my notebooks.
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I want to know more about engineering because it is something that I want to do when I get older, I like learning new things, and I don't know much about it.