All my work giannagb11
I play my ipod all the time. It helps me get things done faster, and it takes my mind off things.Music lets you "escape."

I believe the world should be a better place. There is too much fighting going on, and not enough peace. If everybody would stop caring about only themselves then maybe we would all get along.

I listen to all kinds of music. Eminem is my favorite. My brother always listened to him, so I grew up with his music. He raps about life, and I like his lyrics.
I love to eat italian food. My whole family is Italian so thats what I was brought up eating. It smells good, and tastes good.


I want to be at Anderso n University in South Carolina so I can hang out with my brother. I haven't seen his dorm yet so it would be cool to be in there. He has no rules and it would be nice to see how he lives now.


I want to be know n for dancing.When I get older I want to be a dancer. I like to choreograph. I love to dance.
I could not do without my friends.They are always there for me when I need them. We have fun times, and we never stop laughing.

I would change the dress code. I don't like how we can't wear tanktops because it gets really hot. Also, fashionis a way to express yourself, and you cant do that when there are dress codes. When you get to highschool the dress code changes, so why have one now?

I am known for being myself. I dont care what people think about me. Everyone has their own opinion, life goes on. Live it while you can.
I want to know more about area 51 because its so secretive. The government is always covering up, and I want to know what really goes on there.