All work and little play in the 19th Century=

-Amer Rev g09

Vets Day

bill of rights gj09
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Something I do: work out
external image 2237034946_d200b789f1_t.jpgSomething that you believe : I believe Obama will win the presidentcy
external image 1440793059_7b44644e59_s.jpgSomething that you listen to: Bow Wow Some place you want to be: bed room
Something you want to be known for: Being Strongexternal image 1449032806_c6e3ca4d8f_s.jpg
external image 2113351889_e768a7d585_m.jpgSomething you cannot do without:lamborghinis because i love them!
Something you would change: My Life
Somexternal image 125820265_0184f53e8d_t.jpgething you are known for: Shopping for Shoesexternal image 5blue-1.jpg
external image 1357139520_87f30e522d_t.jpgSometing that you like to eat: Candy
Something you want to know more about what would in few years from now