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Something that you do: I love to read the Twilight books.
Something that you believe:I belive i can reach my goals if if try hard.

something that you listen to:paramore,within teptation their just exiting to listen to.

Something that you like to eat:tropical fruit because it reminds me of my country.

Some place you want to be: in paris, france because ihave never been their.

Something you want to be known for: I whant to be known as a goog person.
Something you cannot do without:i can not live withought my ipod its the thing that inspirs me to draw.
Something you would change: I would change the fact that we have less summer i think that we should have more summer time.
Something you are known for: I am known for being very shy but then i get confedent in myself as the year goes on.
Something you want to know more about: I whant to know more about drawing the skills.