The following guidelines are taken from Mr. Wildboer's wiki...taken verbatim because I think they are perfect reminders to how to ensure you leave positive digital footprints.


These are guidelines to keep in mind whenever editing or commenting the wiki.

  • Thou shalt add value. If you're editing, make sure you improving what already existed on the page. If you create a page, make sure it's something that might be useful for others. If you're leaving comments they shouldn't be personal attacks. You can disagree with comments and challenge the thoughts of others, but don't go after the individual. Instead explain your position and why you disagree.

  • Remember thy manners. This site can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. Anyone can also view every change made (even if you go back and re-edit). This is a great feature (you won't lose info even if your computer crashes!), but could cause problems if you're posting first & writing second.

  • Punctuate. Spell. Capitalize. You won't necessarily be graded on punctuation and grammar, but that's no excuse to have no punctuation or type everything as one lower-case run-on sentence. Remember that others can view this work and it should reflect your best effort.

  • Cite thy sources. If you got information from another website, book, or magazine, be sure you provide a link to that website or mention you got it from the book or magazine (even if you've put the information into your own words). Unless you actually took the picture yourself, be sure to at least provide a link back to where you found the picture.

  • Use your own words. Never copy directly from a source. Be sure you put the information into words in a way that makes sense to you. Simply copying and pasting doesn't show that you understand the information.