All My work HeatherpI playing Vollyball for the Park and Rec . I love Vollyball because I am best at bumping, Also i love winning and playing against other teams.

I believe that nothing is impossible. I believe this because there is always a way there is always a reason why and if you try hard enough you can accomplish anything.

I listen to kc101.3 because they have all my favorite songs, they are easy to dance to and i can listion to songs i never hear of befor. My two favorite songs are Everytime we touch by Cascade and Drops of Jupiter by Train

I love to eat cupcakes!! Cupcakes are easy to bake are fun to decorate and are YUMMY!

I want to be at Newport Rode island because i love the small crowded areas to shop, the smell of the ocean and the wind on my face.
NewPort Rode island

Cirlce of friends

want to be known as a good lisener so that way my friends can come to me for advise and the advise i give to others i could also use for my problems also so people can trust me more with secrets.

I could not do without my friends and family. I couldn't do with out them because they always have my back, they cheer me up when am down and I know that i can always count on them.

If i could change somthing it would have to be my attitude when i get mad because i may say somthing i don't mean, shut people out and i could handle my situation better.

My friends say i am known for being very sweet. am sweet because i am honest, trustworthy and care about my surrounding.
I want to know more about places around the world because me and my family travle alot and i would like to know more about the history and the culture.