All my work Hectormb2011 I play soccer and other sports, like basketball because just playing these sports helps me get very active and healthy and mostly because it is really fun to play sports.
I believe that I will be very successful in life since I'm getting a good education.
I listen to mexican music, and metal music becuase the metal music just takes my stress away when im angry, and the mexican music is just ctachy to me and it is part of my life to listen to it.
I love to eat to eat mexican foods, like tostadas, beans, borritos, tacos, and rice, becuase they are so good and its what we all eat in mexico, and in any other spanish speaking country.
I want to be at at a collage that will give me a very good education so I can get a very good jb to live my life well, instead of working all the time and get about $100 a week.
I want to be known for to be a superstar in soccer just like all of the superstars in FIFA cups.

I could not do without without my parents who encourage me to take one challenes, and to make desicions that will help me in the future.
I would change my anger in the future so then I won't have consequences in the future.
I am known for being funny, energetic, cool, and for showng kindness.
I want to know more about how to do2601260470_a241eaa9f9_m.jpg more soccer tricks, like the rainbow, or even how to do the bicycle. Also, I would like to know more about how electronics and how they work, and how programmers program them.