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5008884128_22d5999364_b.jpg play my ipod touch. I have many different applications on my ipod touch that I play and most of them are pretty addicting. I listen to music while on my ipod touch and youtube or facebook and if i get my cell phone taken away I just use my ipod because my ipod touch can text too.
I believe in ending puppy mills! I love animals I have some of my own and I would feel terrible if they ever were or ended up there somehow. Its cruel and torture to the animals like prison for people I guess because they are kept in a cage or cell and its very dirty and a terrible place to be trapped in.

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I listen to music everyday from my computer or ipod touch. Music helps you express yourself or get your point or story across through songs so in that case music that "speaks to me" or that I can relate to I listen to almost everyday. Sometimes you don't even have to like the lyrics but you like the beat of the song but maybe you do like the lyrics because you can relate. I usually like "get up and dance songs" with a pace rather than slower songs that sometimes are depressing or sad.

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I love to draw because you can express how you are feeling through colors and designs that you draw. Art can tell a story using pictures so if you aren't good with words you can make a series of pictures to get the point across. Some paintings people make sell for alot of money or become recognized and famous.

I want to be at Disney World right now because it's an exciting and fun place to be. It would also be warm down there and I prefer warmer temperatures rather than a cold climate. If I were down at Disney World in Florida I would also be able to visit my cousins they bring us down there whenever we go. I have already been to Disney World about 6 times so I'm used to it down there and I would love to go back again.

external image 2215433121_852cef3db9.jpg want to be known for being creative with colors and designs. When I grow up I am hoping to be an Interior Designer because I love art and being creative. I enjoy doing art projects and I would like people to know me for something I am good at and enjoy doing.

I could not do without my phone (lg env 3) or my ipod touch! I bring these items with me almost everywhere because texting helps you keep in touch with friends everyday and my ipod touch keeps me entertained for hours with its apps, youtube and facebook. I use my cell phone 24/7 I prefer texting rather than calls but both are fine.

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I would change the climate to having only spring and summer because to me it's more comfortable in the warmer temperatures. I hate being cold and I don't like any winter sports but I do like summer sports like swimming. Another reason could be in summer there isn't school!

I am known for being silly and funny with friends because we always make jokes and laugh about sometimes nothing in particular. We joke around all the time to have fun. We have alot of inside jokes... too many to remember.

I want to know more about space. I am not sure why but thinking maybe there is more life on other planets fascinates me. I also Am interested in the alignments of the planets and the way they orbit. I can't help but thinking that if there is life on one planet maybe there is or was on another planet but maybe not as advanced as our planet. The variations in temperatures are also very interesting to me and I would like to know more about the planets in the solar system.

I love to eat chocolate. It's sweet and creamy, I love the way it tastes especially when it's a little bit melted. Almost everything chocolate I eat except for pudding. Anyone who knows me knows I love tacos I mention them alot I also like french fries.