all of my work i.s
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Something that you believe : That the world will end from global warming , because people pollute the earth.ksjd.jpg

Something that you listen to: Alicia keys , Cassie , Ciara , The fray

Something that you like to eat : Chicken
Some place you want to be : On Miami Beach

Something you want to be known for: being me !

you cannot do without : Helping people ... Music!

Something you would change :Poverty and World hunger and world peace !
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Something you are known for : helping people , Singing .... Music.. being creative !

ing you want to know more about : Everything to do with Medical and cooking !

Ø As a Patriot what did you believe in? You need to describe at least 5 points.
Ø What was your daily life like? (Write a paragraph describing a typical day)
Ø Give two examples of how British imposed taxes affected your family.