2-You will have two tasks today.
You are going to put one post up onto your blog--the interview will last thirty minutes. In your post I want your immediate reaction to one single sentence that the mayor said. You start your post off with a quick I am listening to.... Then write the sentence you are going to react to..as close to word to word what he said, and then type in your reaction, thoughts, feelings.

At all other times you should be on the discussion tab of this page. As you think of questions the interviewers should ask, type them into the post on the discussion tab. Click on the link to the question and write your question below. They need to be connected to what is being asked.There is no promise that they will be used. Please do not screw around with it...the interviewers will have a lot on their mind and will not have time to shift through questions that are jokes or sarcastic. After your question place your initials so I can check later. Do not log on and off wiki...stay logged in as one person.

If something goes wrong with your computer --DO NOT ASK A QUESTION -- post your blog post later.

The questions that will be asked are listed below:
  1. What skills/abilities do you feel students need to have to be successful in the 21st century as employees or entrepreneurs?
  2. What skills/abilities do students need to have to be successful citizens in a globally-interconnected world?
  3. Looking at the students you currently see entering the workforce, what are their strengths and what are their weaknesses?
  4. There is a lot of discussion in K-12 education about the importance of content knowledge (knowing a lot of “stuff” about math, science, social studies, language arts, etc.) versus the importance of learning skills and students being able to construct their own understanding of material/ideas that are new to them (being able to “learn how to learn”). What are your thoughts regarding how much we should focus on content knowledge versus focusing on students’ ability to learn/adapt/grow?
  5. There is also a lot of discussion in education on the tension between being successful as an individual and being successful as part of a group or team. We’d like to hear more about your thoughts regarding this.
  6. Tell us a little bit about any changes you foresee for the workplace in the next 5-15 years (and beyond). What do you think this means for students currently in high school and for K-12 education in general?
  7. What types of technologies should our students be proficient at using?
  8. What was the best learning/educational experience you have had? Why?
  9. If you were going to design a 21st century school from the ground up, what are three key features you would include? These features could be physical (building features), pedagogical (teaching techniques/approach), structural (curriculum, schedule, etc.), technological (specific tools/software/experiences), etc.
  10. When we're done today, what's the one most important "take-away" message you'd like our teachers and students to hear?