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I play softball because i like the feeling of when i hitt the ball,sliding,&making it home
I believe that sports are the best because your mostly running,having fun& making new friends

I listen to kc 101 because it has good song,songs that i haven't heard before,& new songs.


I love to eat eat grapes becuase they are sweet,small,colorful.
I want to be at the beach becuase i get good tans there,its relaxing,& the best pictures are takent there.

I want to be known for doing my best becuase i always try,do anything to the extreme,& eventually achive.
I could not do without my facebook because I spend everyday on it,I talk to my friends
,&they have cool apps.

I would change my name to bridgette because its longer,its in the begginging of the alphabet,& someone_running..jpgits more common.

I am known for being very active because I run,play softball,soccer,&basketball.

I want to know more about the rest of scarey stories, the parts that aren't told, the reasons that things happen to people because its more interesting to hear the reasons then the storys,i like to think about what happened,try to find more out.creeepy_dude..jpg


nicole& jill<3