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I play many sports, like tennis, track, cross country, vollyball, baskettball and i dance if that counts. My favorite is deffinatly basketball, i follow the Celtics and Lakers they are my two favorite teams. I like basketball a lot because you can be agressive without getting yelled at. Also my great Aunt Irene played for the Uconn Basketball girls team. She was really good and helps me out every once and a while with it. I like it also because i like running, and in basketball you run back and fourth on the court. I tryed Softball but i absolutly hate it because when your in the feild all you do is stand there.


I beleive that if you have a dream that you really want to come true, then it can. Only if you really try, because if you dont try then your dreams will never come true.

I listen to music, any kind of music. If its not boring music, like opra then its good. But one artist i REALLY like is Lady GaGa, she is my hero. She is very unique and different, thats what makes her music interesting and fun to listen to.

I love to eat Sonics tater tots, why? because these are no ordinary tater tots that anyone can make.... these are SPECIAL tater tots. Now my mom says im over egsadurdating when ever I tell people about them. But she just doesnt know what a good tater tot is. Anyways back to the tater tots. In my opinoin, these tater tots would mean nothing to me if I bought them at any other place then Sonic. Sonic is the most amazing place you will ever go!

I want to go to France when im older because my relatives are from there. It looks like a really cool place to go, because they have the Eiffle Tower there and i love speaking french.(even though i dont know much)

I could not do without my friends because they are always there for me when i need help. Without them i wouldn't know what fun really is or how to live your life. We always have fun even if it's not our brightest day, because we all know that life is too short to wait for the future, so make make everyday the best we can.

I would change the age limit for getting your license because its now 16 but i would make it 15. Why? because by the time you go through the classes and permit tests you dont have your license till your actually 17 or later.

I am known for being myself. Ill be weird and crazy when i want and won't care what people think. I strongly think judging people for being themselfs is just all jelously. I do get judge every once and a while but who cares? I don't judge people... its not my hobby. Thats why all my friends can just be themselves and have fun with me because I won't judge them. If you have to try to act cool then where does fun come in?

I want to know more about dreaming. Why do people dream? It always makes me wonder. Well when i was little i was told the sandman gives you dreams... but then I turned 5.